Ethiopia is the country of origin of the coffee; the only country in the world where coffee plants grow in the wild. One of the largest forests of Ethiopia, The Harenna Forest, is located in the magnificent Mountains of the Bale National Park, 350 km south of the capital Addis Abeba. Here, in the shade of tall trees, at an altitude of circa 1800 meters, arabica coffee grows spontaneously. For thousands of years, each family goes to the forest to harvest the berries, which are then dried in the sun on suspended nets and subsequently roasted and crushed in mortars. Coffee is offered to guests following an atavic ceremony, a solemn rite full of symbolism about respect and hospitality. The ripened coffee berries are harvested by hand, choosing the most red ones: a job that is shared with the local fauna, both accomplice and antagonist, respecting the relationship between nature and man.

The Presidium of the wild forest coffee of Harenna consist of 60 families and it promotes the shortening of the production chain, the protection of quality and of the territory and it guarantees dignity and a correct recognition of the people involved.