How should the coffee be ground
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How should the coffee be ground


Coffee is an unparalled pleasure. When we look at the factors that make it special, we have to mention the grinding. If we´re looking for a flavour that can really impress, an important aspect is the granular profile, known as granulometry. For more information about this, below you´ll find some valuable advice on how coffee should be ground.

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Grinding at home for moka, espresso and filter coffee

We´ll start with the basics, as we seek to understand how to grind coffee at home for the moka pot. In this case, the first tip is to get hold of a manual coffee grinder. Unlike electric grinders, this can ensure higher quality.

As for the outcome of grinding coffee, experts advise stopping when the consistency is similar to that of fine salt. And what about grinding for filter coffee? For filter coffee the grinding should be coarser, approximately the same as coarse salt. A similar coarse consistency is also best for filter machines. A good test to see whether the result is satisfactory is feeling the ground coffee and finding particles similar in size to coarse salt.

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How to grind coffee beans correctly

Where to store the beans

What´s the advice for proper coffee grinding? The first step is storing the beans, which should be kept in a cool dry place. Prior to grinding, it´s important to remember that coffee beans should be kept in an airtight container. Another tip is to store the container away from light and heat sources. 

As mentioned above, the storage temperature should be as low as possible. This means it´s important to store coffee away from domestic appliances like ovens.

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Placing the beans in the manual grinder

When it´s time to grind the coffee, all you need to do is place the beans in the manual or electric grinder.

 Adjusting the grind

The grind should be adjusted in accordance with the consistency we want to obtain. Alternatives for readers to consider are fine-ground and superfine-ground coffees.

And here we should also mention the time factor, which is crucial when it comes to regulating the grind. The extraction time depends on the grind. If it takes too long to extract a given amount of coffee, this means the grind is too fine; if the reverse is true for the same amount, the grind is too coarse. When adjusting the grind of our coffee, we should remember to empty the grinder of residual coffee before adjusting. Another important rule when adjusting the grind is to use the amount needed to obtain the desired quantity of coffee.

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The importance of practise

Obviously, there´s no rule against practising. The more we practise, the more confident we become and the better the results. Try it and see!


The importance of the grind

At this point, you´ll be wondering why the grind is so important. The first thing to bear in mind when answering this question is the fact that during the roasting process, the aromatic substances inside the coffee bean remain trapped inside the cellular structure. The only way to release them and fully appreciate the magic of coffee is to break the bean. How? By grinding!

Another reason this process is important is that grinding increases the surface area in contact with the hot water.

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Corsini blends of coffee beans

Whether the goal is to grind coffee for an espresso machine or for a moka pot, the beans must be of excellent quality. And if we´re talking about excellence, we have to mention Caffè Corsini products. The company changed Italy´s relationship with coffee, starting way back in 1950, when it revolutionised the market for the world´s most popular drink by introducing a DOC coffee for the first time in our country.

Looking at the details of coffee bean products, we have to mention Mocha Awari coffee, a pure arabica with extremely pleasant notes of candied fruit. Also worth remembering are our Sumatra Bio and Fair Trade coffees, with spicy, chocolate-like flavours. But Corsini´s range of coffee beans doesn’t end there! A special mention goes to Kona Cornwell Estate Hawaii, coffee beans from a single plantation, with distinctive notes of caramel, lemon and blackberry.

If you´d like to try these blends or discover others, the Caffè Corsini shop is the place for you. As mentioned previously, it´s an example of perfect synergy between tradition and innovation. Corsini was founded in 1950 and remains one of the most famous coffee roasters in Italy; over the years it has responded perfectly to market demand, and today sells coffee online, in all its wonderful forms.

In terms of beans, options range from Ayehu Ethiopia to India Monsooned Malabar.

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