At Corsini we care about nature

It's not just about the goodness of coffee and research into its origins. Caffè Corsini has always been focused on sustainability and quality, recognised thanks to important certifications that guarantee its commitment.


Colombian coffee has its own organoleptic peculiarities, which are carefully controlled in order to maintain the PGI - Protected Geographical Indication - certification. This is a legal tool, compulsory in countries where its protection is recognised by law, regulated by the European Union. This certification identifies a food product that originates from a specific place, a reputation, a quality or other characteristic that can be essentially attributed to its geographical origin, in this case Colombian Coffee, and at least one of its production, processing or elaboration phases takes place in the specific geographical area.
Among our coffees we have Colombia Coffee, available in beans, ground, pods and Nespresso-compatible capsules.

Colombia coffee beans

Colombia ground coffee

Colombia coffee pods

Colombia coffee in capsules


The FAIRTRADE Seal is the expression of an independent, reliable and widely recognised product certification system. The label confirms that the purchase of a Fairtrade certified product benefits the producers who have joined and contributed to the Fairtrade system.
The FAIRTRADE Certification Mark guarantees that international Fairtrade Standards have been respected. The label offers consumers the opportunity to translate their purchases into an act of solidarity with producers. By purchasing FAIRTRADE labelled products, you help producers improving their living standards and those of their communities. The label is currently available in 50 countries.
Among our coffees we have Fairtrade certified Sumatra coffee, available in beans, ground and Nespresso-compatible capsules.

Sumatra coffee beans

Sumatra ground coffee

Sumatra coffee in capsules

Kosher e Halal certifications

All our coffees and blends have received Kosher and Halal certification, which testifies Corsini's mission to reach out every type of diet and dietary regime, in an inclusive and quality way.

Rainforest Alliance coffee

Corsini coffees also include those certified Rainforest Alliance, the collective alliance that protects forests by fighting deforestation. The protection of the environment and of our planet is central to Corsini in order to preserve the quality of life of those who grow coffee and those who consume it. Through Rainforest, the raw materials used by Corsini contribute to safeguarding ecosystems and environmental sustainability.

Slow Food certified coffees

The Presidia are Slow Food projects that protect small quality productions, made according to traditional practices.

Guatemala coffee beans

Guatemala ground coffee

Guatemala coffee in capsules

BIO certified coffees

Our ORGANIC coffee comes exclusively from controlled and certified plantations, where small owners have grown it naturally for generations and without the use of chemical fertilizers. Using the knowledge of organic farming, the growers carry out a mixed plantation with shady and fruit trees (bananas, pineapples, papayas ...), thus keeping the soil clean and respecting the natural cycles of the earth. To rediscover the natural flavor and fragrance of a unique coffee.

Organic farming coffee in capsules

Organic farming coffee in pods

Silvano Corsini Reserve coffee beans