What makes good coffee with coffee?

Love and experience are active components of a blend. Combined with the care in the selection of the raw material, and the controls throughout the production phase, they ensure that we create a good coffee to offer you. An ideal union between matter and feeling. From plantation to cup, quality, taste and variety have always been our goals. To guide us is the passion that in over 70 years has turned into professionalism. Thanks to the talent of those who work in Caffè Corsini, we bring to the market a range of products capable of intercepting multiple tastes and needs.

Discover the “journey” of our coffees

At the origin of our coffee

The aroma of coffee is enough to transport us away with the imagination. A sensory journey, but also very concrete for us. Coffea, a plant native to Ethiopia, characterizes the crops of many countries in the tropical belt. From Latin America to Asia, passing through the Indian subcontinent and Africa. Each plantation is a world apart, to be known and followed closely, with the eyes and with the heart.
Our work begins right here, in these splendid and generous lands, at the origin of coffee. Of our coffee. We establish a direct relationship with the growers, observe the plants and their development, and touch the lush berries with our hands. This is how we manage to select and import the best beans.

Only the best enter Corsini

Green coffee samples from all over the world arrive in the laboratory to pass the most important exam: the selection of the best. After passing physical and chemical checks, they are toasted and then tasted. Tasting plays a role of primary importance in the selection of our coffees and is carried out using a method called cupping. At this stage, all the senses are involved. The product is carefully examined to create its organoleptic profile: the final evaluation will determine the approval or rejection of the sample itself.

Finally the selected coffee arrives

The coffee we have chosen finally arrives in Tuscany ready to be transformed. Go through our Quality Control again: in the laboratory, we measure parameters and characteristics to ensure an impeccable taste experience.
Handcrafted gestures, which are handed down, but which today are supported by cutting-edge tools and the know-how of the professionals who work with us.

The roasting: a blend of craftsmanship and technology

The most important phase is that of roasting, which is not by chance followed by Michele Anedotti, 2019 Italian Coffee Roasting champion.
Coffee is transformed, acquiring its typical characteristics that give the bean aromatic complexity ready to inebriate the senses.
It is a procedure that requires attention and experience, love for the raw material and clear ideas about the result to be achieved. Roasting says it all about a coffee and who makes it. Caffè Corsini, in 70 years of practice and constant updating, ensures the perfect execution of this step.

A line of controls

After the roasting phase, the coffee is examined in every single detail. Everything must be perfect starting from the color. But not only. A laser, in the grinder area, measures the particle size. While at each packaging machine, the attentive gaze of an operator watches over the final product. Nothing is left to chance, not even a coffee bean.

The secret of unique pleasure

There is no coffee like another. But we are well aware of the result we want to achieve: to offer unique sensory experiences that adapt to different moments of the day, to personal taste and to the seasons.